C & S Properties and Investments pools together funds to buy and fix undervalued real property with high potential across the country. Once fixed and rented, we pay you a quarterly dividend. Purchased shares of the PPM increase in value as the properties are fixed up and the mortgage is paid down over time. We return your principal by purchasing your shares back at a point in the future (between 2-5 years after the initial offering). If you like the returns and are happy with your investment, you can purchase more and/or refer friends (we also pay referral fees).


C & S Properties and Investments offers single property investments at a favorable rate to purchase high-yielding rental and ready to sell properties. After the property is obtained and repaired, we pay you a quarterly dividend.   We return your principal by selling or refinancing the property. This is a great way to be the only investor in an offering and receive a very high return.

If you are interested in investing your IRA, 401k or cash, please contact us. We consider this to be relatively safe investments secured by real property.






Our other #1 customer is you, our Investor. We don't want to wake you with complaints about a leaky faucet or broken window. What we'd much rather do is send you a check and let you rest peacefully, knowing we have it under control.

To comply with regulations, all of our investors complete a short questionnaire that tells us who you are, describing your investment experience and/or knowledge. Whether you're a savvy veteran or a beginner- we want you to know what you're getting into so you can be confident as to what you'll get out.

Once you've decided to move forward with us on a project, you become an official client and we begin transferring funds so we can get to the good part- making the purchase! For we all know, profit is made when you buy.

As smart investors, we don't just buy anything. We follow models and select only properties in desirable locations with room to increase value by improving the condition and/or raising rents.

We do all sorts of improvements to enhance the property's desirability, both interior and exterior. However, we've learned that focusing on cosmetics & functionality first and upgrades second brings the biggest returns over time.

Our #1 customer is our Tenant. If we provide them with a great place to live, they happily pay us rent for months and many times, years. Simply put- when you like where you live, life is good.