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Monty Corbett is the Operating Manager  of C & S Properties and Investments.

Monty entered the real estate industry as an investor starting in the San Diego market in October 2012. He then partnered with Joseph Smylie to form a real estate investment company in January 2013. By March 2014 Monty analyzed, purchased and managed three additional apartment complexes in Phoenix, AZ and provided condominium consultation in San Diego, CA. During this short time span, he designed and created a robust online management and tracking system which still operates C & S Properties and Investments. Additionally, he directs a team of property managers, contractors and real estate agents to ensure smooth operation and development company goals. By November 2014, Monty entered into the Tampa, FL market with the purchase of a large townhouse expanding his real estate holdings to over $1 million.

Monty is a graduate of North Carolina State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Originally from Burlington, North Carolina, Monty grew up working the tobacco fields of the American South instilling a veracious work ethic at a young age. He has 10 years of project engineering and management experience and is committed to finding properties that produce stellar returns for investors.



Joseph Smylie is the Sales/Marketing Manager  of C & S Properties and Investments.

Joe entered the real estate industry as a licensed Realtor in 2008 and has since helped many clients- including family members- buy and sell homes in California. In 2010, he bought a house in the recovering San Diego market, which he sold in the summer of 2014 for a large profit. In January of 2013, he sat down with [friend and past client] Monty Corbett, to form their real estate investment company. By March 2014, he had syndicated the purchase of three apartments for the company, all located in Phoenix, AZ. He is the lead for the company’s private placement offerings, capital acquisitions and the coordination of real estate purchases & refinances.

Joe possesses an invaluable ability to network with people to raise capital and find suitable properties for investment. Originally from Ione, CA- a small town outside Sacramento- he was raised on traditional American values that place helping people above all else. With a background in customer service, he knows the importance of complete customer satisfaction, including going above and beyond to exceed one’s expectations. At C & S Properties and Investments, both Tenant & Investor satisfaction is the top priority.

It’s also no secret that cosmetic appeal in real estate is what people look for. Highly artistic & creative, Joe’s role as Sales & Marketing Manager is to help maintain a strong emphasis on the visual side of their business, while keeping customers informed and up-to-date on what’s new. Outside of real estate, you may find him spending time with family & friends, playing soccer and staying active, or just relaxing while enjoying one of San Diego’s many warm, sunny days.

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